KB Plum brandy

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Old plum brandy is crystal clear and lovable olive-green, with a shade of yellowish hue. The aroma of a bouquet, complex, vanilla-balmy profile with a slightly pronounced coniferous sense, a calm, velvet character, very pleasing. Tears on the edges of the cup are abundant and dense. Taste is full, harmonious and very tasty. Soft elbows tannin from oak barrel, very comfortable incorporated in the texture of brandy. Discreet pleasing sweetness in complete harmony with mildly emphasized tan acids. In the residual part of taste, the preposterous, very persistent, fascinating impressions of the balmy-sumptuous impressions present.

This brandy is to be consumed as a great dessert, 16-18 C, after a rich daytime or evening tea, at a temperature of 16-18 C, an old brandy of high quality.